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Architrail are committed to providing a service of the highest quality by working in partnership with
Capita Symonds and DMS
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At Architrail we are committed to providing service of the highest quality. In order to provide a complete and consistent package, Architrail work in partnership, when appropriate, with Capita Symonds and Dinsdale Moorland Services (DMS). Projects can be managed by a combination of the partnership companies, tailoring each project to its individual needs and using our expertise to manage it optimally.

The partnership is fully immersed and passionate about the mountain bike industry and attend annual IMBA conferences. Architrail, Capita Symonds and DMS have also sponsored the 2010 Scottish Mountain Bike Conference, highlighting our commitment to the development of the sport well beyond our doorsteps.

Capita Symonds

Partnerships - Capita Symonds

Providing a broad range of professional services covering the design, engineering, construction, infrastructure and property markets, Capita are one of the UK's largest multidisciplinary consultancies. Within their national structure, the Countryside and Heritage Management Service (CHMS) provides specialist input into a wide variety of access and recreation based projects. In particular, Capita have worked with Sustran's on urban fringe based multi-user networks and Natural England on a number of national trails including the Pennine Bridleway. Their work encompasses feasibility, design and implementation. In relation to the national trails this also encompasses ongoing maintenance.

As industry leaders in their respective fields, Capita and Architrail have a strong partnership, which is key to compiling thorough, seamless, professional documents covering feasibility studies, planning permission, public consultation and design projects. Working with Capita's mountain bike trail specialists James Daplyn and Katie Jackson, this partnership has proven to be a very efficient method of operation throughout our project history.


In addition to undertaking construction projects ourselves, there are certain circumstances where it is beneficial to partner with other contractors, depending on the location and scale of the project. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring out the best in skilled contractors to create trails of the highest standard. A selection of previous contractors Architrail have worked with are listed below.

  • Capita
  • Conservefor
  • DMS
  • Maclay
  • McCann
  • Pearl

Architrail has used platforms such as the UCI Mountain Bike World Cups and Olympic Games to research and develop the art of trail building.

Renowned for a creative ability to produce imaginative lines, whilst ensuring rider safety and trail longevity, Architrail aims to raise the standards of trails in the UK and abroad by collating a breadth of knowledge alongside forward thinking business practices.