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Trail Grades

The easiest mountain bike trail. Presenting small features and challenges, these trails should be suitable for cyclists with little to no mountain biking experience. Gradient is moderate.

These trails present features that require mountain bike skills. Technical features appear on the trail, but occur in isolation. Gradient is typically moderate, but may contain short steep sections.

These trails are for proficient mountain bikers, containing technically challenging terrain and features. Gradient is typically steep.

Black trails are technically challenging trails with features that appear in succession, requiring good mountain bike skills. Gradients are typically steep with some very steep sections.

Orange grade Bike Parks may include downhill tracks, pump tracks, 4X tracks, skills areas, dual slalom and freeride tracks. Riders should expect to cope with any manner of technical trail features, which may feature within the various trail types.

  • Client - Red Bull
  • Client - Nike 6.0
  • Client - National trust
  • Client - Forestry Commission
  • Client - CAAN
  • Client - UCI
  • Client - Anita Stiniog
  • Client - South West 1

There are projects that cannot be discussed in the public domain due to privacy of our clients including projects that are at feasibility stages in sensitive locations or environments.