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From initial consultation of the client's vision, through to planning application submission, Architrail is able to undertake all aspects of the planning process. We can highlight a project's constraints and opportunities in a formal feasibility report and clearly show the development stages of the project.

As part of the planning process Architrail values public consultation greatly and will meet with local communities, statutory consultee's alongside non-statutory organisations. Architrail is also able to take care of legal processes, landowner negotiation and consultation as well as planning authority liaison.



Our trails are not only fun to ride, but also maximise longevity by using intelligent trail design, reducing the impact of degrading processes.

At Architrail, we have pioneered our own unique style of mountain bike trail design and are always innovating new creative trail features. Using contemporary technological methods such as GPS, GIS and digital design, clients can be assured that Architrail's design documents will be delivered with the utmost accuracy and clarity.



Architrail has an impressive track construction portfolio, including projects in challenging environments, sensitive locations and protected sites.

With longevity in mind, our construction methods ensure that trails remain in a high quality state well beyond the date of completion.

Making micro design decisions is an inevitable part of trail construction. As experienced trail builders, we at Architrail are able to make informed judgments unsupervised, ensuring that trails are optimised for their environment.


  • Feasibility and Audit

    Architrail offers feasibility consultation and audit services. We can use our extensive experience to give our professional advice in order to maximise the potential of any given site. Additionally, we can offer our expert advice in order to improve the safety and ride quality of existing locations.

  • Expert Witness

    All levels of the sport – Architrail can provide expert witness services relating to legal cases involving incidents on mountain bike trails. Our experience has been used to support evidence in major cases of this type.

  • Event Feasibility

    We have experience within the event sector and have helped put together the location planning and event management of mountain bike races and events on a range of scales. From grassroots dual slalom events to high profile mountain bike races, Architrail can cater to your requirements.

The Architrail team has a wealth of experience working on mountain bike trail projects, often in challenging, sensitive or protected locations, nationally and internationally.

We are able to undertake all aspects of trail development and take a project from inception through to completion. Our extensive knowledge and experience covers all stages of bike trail development.